Friday, September 30, 2011

Television Is Destroying Family

Television Is Destroying Family Early on when the television began showing up in homes a prominent religious leader was quoted as saying that the television would become the window into evil. He must have been able to see into the future. How close we've come to his prediction.
In a time when there are more televisions in a home then there are people, where more than 70% of children have a TV in their room (according to a University of Michigan report) and
the amount of television that adults watch per day continues to increase year over year; we continue to strengthen our addiction this legal fix.
Our society has seen and continues to see the demoralization, devaluing and destruction of the family. Not many things can take greater credit for this effort than the television.
First the mindless activity of watching television for long hours contributes to obesity, anti-social activity and the consumption of valuable family time.
Everything that is bad and offers no value to families is best represented by most of what's available on TV. Most of the programming that exists on TV that represents immorality, filth and the complete lack of positive values attempts to convince the viewers of the false perception that this is normal behavior in our society.
Just when you thought that television couldn't sink any lower into the toxicity that it exists in, it rises up to push the envelope even further to the edge to redefine just how low it can go.
This raises two questions...
Has this crazy, demanding and complex society reached a point in our lives that's caused us to reach out to television in an addictive behavior so as to escape the realism of our day to day lives? Or is the programming of such high quality filled with values and goodness that people can't seem to tear themselves away? I don't think it's the latter.
As parents of children, our children deserve more diligence from us. They expect us to know better and they expect us to make sure we make the best choices possible. Putting a television in their room is not making the best choices for our children and they deserve better from their parents.
Do you suppose there is any correlation between the increases in the high school drop out rate, the ever decreasing standardized test scores and all the hours' adolescences and teenagers spend in front of the TV whether it's playing video games or watching television shows? It would certainly make a strong case.
Empower your children with the tools they'll need to be successful in their young lives and as adults. The least amount of television they're exposed to the less they'll be influenced by the toxicity of television and the nothing that it has to offer. Children are children and they need your guidance as parents and it's important to be on your game when making the right choices for them.
Through my own experience I've seen how destructive television can be when it's made available to them in their room. I struggle to see the justification that parents create in their mind for putting it their. Allowing them to watch TV with no restrictions sets up children for failure now and for the future. Our children deserve better and the success of our society expects us to make those better decisions.
I'm constantly reminded of an image that's burned into memory. Several years ago I was traveling through a small rural town during the fall season. This town had a population of no more than a thousand people but it had a major road that went right through it and on this particular day I saw an elderly lady standing on a bridge alone in the middle of this little town holding up a sign that read "Kill Your TV".
Unfortunately I don't think that enough people saw her message that day, but what a true, powerful and positive message it was.
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