Thursday, September 29, 2011

Best Final Fantasy XIV Level

Best Final Fantasy XIV Level The other day, a player mentioned to me that he thought the Level system in Final Fantasy XIV was silly. It didn't make any sense and it forced him to play odd hours and in strange patterns. I believe that was exactly the point - to force players out of their comfort zones so they will come to not only better understand different parts of the game, but have fun doing it.

For some players, the level system was a game breaker, but many of us have grown to love it as we explore more areas of the game, unlock fantastic bits of lore and choose from a variety of wonderfully done crafting professions. But, when you're just getting started in the game, both leveling and making Gil is extremely hard if you don't have a good grip on which levels are best.
How to Break Down Your Levels
First, you should make sure you get as many Battlecraft Levels as possible. Many players will opt to choose Mining or Botany as a harvesting discipline early, but in so doing they cut themselves off from potential leveling options. You'll make more Gil by leveling up faster, so always opt for battlecraft first.
The best alternative if you really want to gather ore or logs early is to find a good team of five players. While FFXIV is very limited in how many levels you can complete each day, you'll have the option to group up with your fellow players and tap into their level quota. So, if someone you know has 8 levels and you have 8 levels, both of you can complete all 16 if you're in a group.
Finally, do your local levels every time they're available. Crafting is a great way to make Gil, so you need to have as many of these on hand as possible so you can obtain new recipes at higher levels and tap into the massive potential of Gil.
Which Levels to Look For
In Final Fantasy 14, levels are best when they reward you with a ton of good stuff. That means a few things - first it means you need to have good equipment at all times. Some levels are hard to complete without good gear, even if you're the right Rank. So, get better gear before attempting a tough level. Second, look the levels up on a database like or Both sites will provide detailed breakdowns of level rewards so you can choose the best options.

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