Friday, September 30, 2011

Balearic Islands Travel

Balearic Islands Travel If there is any paradise in the Mediterranean then it’s the Balearic Islands of Spain. These are few small islands in a group. There are two parts of Balearic Islands which are named as Gimnesias and Pitiusas. The islands are also separately named as Mallorca, Cabrera, Menorca, Formentera and Ibiza.
Balearic Islands are sunny in most parts of the year and that makes them exciting especially according to the climatic conditions. The excitement and enjoyment on the islands become double for the visitors because of some excellent beaches.
Moreover the natives have a wonderful welcoming attitude towards the visitors when it’s about the Balearic Islands. That is why there are visitors on the Balearic Islands whole year.
There is a famous airport on the island of Mallorca named as Airport de Mallorca. This airport remains full of people whole year and there is no airport in Spain that has more visitors coming to it than this one. The reason is the great reputation of the island of Mallorca and ultimately the rest of the Balearic Islands of Spain.
It’s not only about the beaches of Balearic Islands that are fascinating. There are some excellent festivals, events, cuisines, great history, places of visit and great culture that inspires many to visit these islands again and again. There are affordable places of staying available at these islands and all the facilities are readily available which are required by visitors.
One of the great islands among the Balearic Islands is Ibiza. It is also known as the white island. It offers plenty to the visitors because it has some great nightlife, hippie-culture, separate beaches for families and various towns of public interest. People of all age groups enjoy spending times at this island.
Among the Balearic islands Cabrera has great importance for visitors because it’s a declared nature preserve since 1991. It has more than 450 kinds of plants and more than 150 kinds of birds on the island. It has lonely and peaceful beaches which are amusing for many kinds of visitors. Visitors usually visit the Puerto de Cabrera part of the island.
Fishing, hunting and mineral collection is forbidden on Cabrera because that is all nature preserve. However water sports facilities are available to visitors of island. Similarly the tourists enjoy at the natural parks of the island and tourists can get plenty of information from the tourist information center on the island.
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