Thursday, September 29, 2011

Blitz Your Bathrooms

Blitz Your Bathrooms
Your bathroom should be your inner sanctum - a place where you can shut off from the rest of the world, a place where you can relax and unwind after a hard day's work. However, if you have a young family the space needs to be practical and child friendly too, but with some clever planning you can create a stylish and luxurious space that will accommodate the needs of the whole family.
What is currently working for you and what isn't?
The main thing is to work out what you need for you and your family. Sometimes you may require a complete new bathroom; sometimes it simply requires a little updating. If you are replacing a suite and your current layout works, then don't change it. Re-plumbing a bathroom can be expensive, so if you feel that major changes are needed talk to your plumber first.
Establish what budget you have
When budgeting, make a list of everything that you will need from furniture to towels, that way you won't have any financial surprises that may halt proceedings. If you are replacing the suite research tells us white is the preferred colour of most home buyers - it is light, clean and space enhancing and will allow the bathroom to be updated in later years with minimum expense. And if you currently have a bath, then you should replace it. Having a bathroom with no bath can have a diverse effect on your asking price when you come to sell. You may not enjoy or miss a bath, but most people would still prefer to have the option.
Plan your space
If you are changing the layout; remember to speak to a plumber before any decisions are made. Then either draw your room out on a piece of paper or use one of the on-line room planners to help organise your space. Remember to include location of pipes, windows, radiator, door and electric sockets. Have a look at the different styles of suites available and decide on a style that works for you. Note their sizes and create templates so you can play around with your layout until you are 100% happy with what you see.
Choosing a suite
There are a huge selection of fantastic, stylish, contemporary bathrooms suites available that do not cost the earth so spend time searching. Consider suites with wall hung basins and toilets, or semi pedestal basins if you need to create an illusion of space. However, if space is not an issue why not invest in his and her basins set on a wooden stand and team it with a free standing bath for the ultimate in bathroom luxury.
Adults and children alike use lots of products so think about how and where you are going to home them. If floor space is not an issue, opt for a basin cabinet, or if you prefer a more streamlined look, consider furniture with several uses such as a long, narrow mirrored cabinet that can be fixed against a wall or slotted into a corner. Just remember the fewer toiletries on show, the bigger and cleaner the space will look.
In order to maximise floor and wall space consider adding a stylish vertical radiator that doubles as a towel rail or if preferred, consider under floor heating.
Here you can really let your imagination run wild no matter what size your room! There are some fantastic tiles available at the moment no matter what your personal taste. Don't be afraid to mix and match different colours and sizes to create a real focal point in specific areas such as behind the sink and shower. The look is amazing and it will focus the eye from narrow rooms or tiny spaces!
Will need to be practical, slip-resistant, hygienic and easy to clean. Natural stone, ceramic tiles, vinyl, specially treated wood and laminate are popular choices. However, if your DIY skills are not that great, have a look at the clip-tile flooring - this is easy to use and can be laid straight on top of existing tiles - ask at your local DIY store for details.
Finish your space with some trendy, funky taps and accessories. Use a style that sits comfortably with the rest of your room. Don't skimp on your accessories and if needed take some of the budget from your suite to put towards accessorising. Believe me; the overall effect will be worth it!

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