Friday, September 30, 2011

Hot Stone Massage Best

Hot Stone Massage Best Hot stone massage, as the name implies is a massage type that involves the use of heated special stones to soothe and relax the body. The massage involves different techniques with the therapist using nothing else but the stones to achieve the desired end results. There are different stone types that can be used for the massage although most people will prefer volcanic stones as they have the ability to retain heat for a longer period of time.

A good massage therapist in Lexington KY will definitely know what stones are best for the massage as well as the techniques bound to provide an exceptional experience. He should be in a position to take you through the process to ensure that you are comfortable and is aware of what to expect during the massage session. The following are stages you can use in getting the very best of the massage in Lexington KY.
Find a good spa: a good spa is made up of a good therapist who knows his way round the different types of massage and most especially the hot stone massage you are looking for. The selection of a good therapist can also be based on the budget you have allocated for the massage as different therapists offer different rates for the services. Always choose one that is licensed and certified by the right body within the city.
Make reservations: after you have already located the best spa or therapist to go to for the hot stone massage, you will then need to book your appointment. You can call or directly and physically go to the spa to make your appointment. It is however even possible to find a good therapist willing to handle you without the need to make an appointment provided you feel ready to go in for the hot stone massage at that time.
Show up: the next step after making your booking is to get to the spa at the agreed time and getting the massage done. It is always advisable to get to the spa several minutes before the agreed time to ensure that you get as much time as possible to get comfortable before the session. Always show up in clothing you are most comfortable with. It is advisable to wear loose clothing if you are not comfortable with getting completely undressed for the session. A good therapist will respect your wishes and help you in getting the best in the condition you are most comfortable with.
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