Tuesday, September 27, 2011

How Increase Blog Traffic From Scratch

How Increase Blog Traffic From Scratch Being consistent of your efforts is the first thing you have to get into your mind to increase blog traffic; without any consistency, it just leads to laziness. The best way to keep your blog fresh is to post two blog entries each week; this is to make sure that you achieve balance within your blogging efforts.
If you have an e-mail list, then you will want to give your subscribers a good reason to trust you, and if they see you are not consistent with your blog. They will unsubscribe to your list.
You might want to consider doing your keyword research correctly. When you start a blog, what exactly IS your main topic or niche? Are just blogging for the sake of blogging? Simply put there has to be reasons you choose blogging. You may have the right way to go about keyword targeting but if no one is typing your keyword phrase in the search engines, then it is most likely they will never find you. It is within your interest to use the free Google AdWords keyword tool to find what people are searching for on Google. The best results for people to find you is to consider the backlinks should build on the site as they decide if you will be on the first page of Google.
You Can increase blog traffic by Using the Social Bookmarking Sites
There is a way for you to increase blog traffic is to utilize social bookmarking. Every day someone bookmarks a site to show that they have interest in the topic, and they have enjoyed the story. Here is the tricky part; you have to make your headlines sound appealing towards your potential customers. The more appealing the topic, the better chance for you of getting traffic geared towards your blog. Do not stress yourself out though because not everyone can write a great title-catching headline.
Test various headlines to see which one fits with the topic that best fits your blog. Social bookmarking is not only a great way to increase blog traffic, it's also one way to share blogs with others who have similar interests. Many sites do not allow you to send self-appointed content alone and only content you have created; this is a common rule to tell people it's always good to give quality.
Most People Forgot to Use Their RSS Feeds to Help Increase Blog Traffic
Do you know all about really simple syndication, or better known as RSS? It'll come in handy with your blog as you update your blog consistently. Now be honest with yourself, what do you see on every blog you come across? Do you see that little orange cube on the top right or bottom right of the webpage? That icon is called an RSS feed, and it should not be ignored. That same icon can help you increase blog traffic tenfold as Google likes to gather content from it. The one advantage with an RSS feed is that you don't have to worry about spam. If the user has an RSS reader, then he or she will be updated on a regularly basis.
As a may know blogs hold lots of search engine weight if used correctly. The RSS feed and the blog itself ranks higher in the search engines than any website that has a sales page or just a splash page. Every time you make a post, the RSS feed is updated, and the search engines will be notified if you ping it properly. New visitors will start to come if you update frequent basis; this gives you an even greater chance to introduce yourself to potential customers.
Maybe You Are Increase Blog Traffic but You Have to Track Where Your Visitors Are Coming From
Are you tracking your blog status to see which traffic method is working? With the use of Google Analytics, you can set up your website to help track where your visitors are coming from, directly or indirectly. Using this tool is not responsible for increasing your blog traffic, but it helps you to find out if your traffic methods are worth your time. The most notable importance of using Google Analytics is that you're going to tell which types of traffic you are getting on your site.
Always remember to create two blog posts every week to help increase blog traffic; eventually, you'll want to build a strong following and long-lasting trust if you want to increase blog traffic

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