Sunday, September 25, 2011

Is Children Eligible for Social Security Benefits

Is Children Eligible for Social Security Benefits Contrary to what most people think, children are prioritized when it comes to Social Security benefits qualification. Children are eligible for benefits under the account of their real parents, step parents, or foster parents who are retired or disabled.
In case their guardian died but has been a regular payer of his/her security taxes, children too can qualify for benefits.
A child is already eligible for benefits coming from social security if he/she is:
- Single, not married
- Minor, age 18 and below
- 18 or 19 years old and still a full-time student in elementary or secondary school
- Over 18 years old but younger than 22 years and disabled
A child who is living independently from his/her parents has the chance of obtaining the benefits depending on the type of relationship that they have. If the child is depending on financial support coming from the parents, then he or she can take the benefits from social security as well. The types of relationship recognized by social security are the following:
- The child is a legitimate child.
- The child is an adopted child.
- The child is a natural but illegitimate child. If the judge demanded a support determination, then the child is eligible to receive the benefits of social security.
On the other hand, if you have an illegitimate child who is not living in your home, you have to present pieces of evidences that will support your claim. You need to show some documents that will reveal that the child is a qualified dependant is federal and state programs under your name, tax return documents claiming that the child is a dependent of yours, and some other documents that will back your claims.
In cases of eligibility of stepchild for Social Security benefits, this will be determined using other factors. For example, the child should be living with you and that the both of you share a good parent and child relationship. The stepchild will be eligible for all the benefits because of death, divorce from the natural parent for as long as the child will stay with one of the natural parent.
Ensuring that your child will receive all benefits due to him/her is a sensible decision that should have to take so that in case something unfortunate happens to you or to your partner, your child will be supported in every possible way.

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