Friday, September 30, 2011

Snoring Affect on Your Health

Snoring Affect on Your Health There are many solutions to stop snoring and more solutions are coming every year. When someone has a problem with snoring it is a symptom of physical conditions of the throat or nose, or related to weak muscles in the back of the throat. This occurs as we age, naturally, yet some children also snore.
Doctors that specialize in these disorders are known as Ear Nose and Throat Doctors.
These doctors are able to operate on the muscle to remove the tissue from the back of your throat that is causing the snoring vibration. Doctors that work with patients with snoring, specifically, are call Sleep Specialists. There are several over the counter solutions that work for most individuals who snore. These include foam pillows, soft pillows with a support base, nose strips, mouth pieces and throat sprays.
You should take an action to cure your snoring to improve your health. Snoring prevents necessary oxygen from entering your airways. The lack of oxygen from snoring causes many serious problems. We need good, healthy sleep to keep us sharp and full of energy. Here are statistics that will convince you to take care of that health problem.
1. Snoring affects 30% of adults, rising to 40% in middle age.
2. Snoring occurs with the muscles in the tongue and throat, relax and vibrate.
3. Snoring is more frequent when you gain weight.
4. Snoring is more common with alcohol consumption.
5. Snoring is common if you have nasal problems. 6. Snoring is often associated with Sleep Apnea.
7. Snoring is an occasional problem, or can be habitual.
8. Snoring causes exhaustion from the lack of proper sleep.
9. Snoring can hurt a sleeping partner's hearing.
10. Snoring affects hypertension and heart disease.
11. Snoring helps weight gain.
12. Snoring people wake up an average of 23 times during the night.
The statistics show the relevance of snoring leading to many health problems. It is in the best interest of every person who snores to take action to stop the irregular breathing. Every solution does not work for every person. Therefore you may need to try a few before you find relief. It is always good to see a doctor to diagnose if you have sleep apnea. This is a very serious issue that can even cause death. The National Sleep Foundation follows the trends in the sleeping industry. They review new products that are available for all sleep issues. Their non for profit status ensures their honest evaluation of sleeping products and other important related health solutions.
Christine Frisbee is an inventor and marketing expert. She has invented several products that promote health and well-being. She has become an authority on snoring because of her snoring husband. This resulted in the patented SnoreEzzz Pillow. This is a two-pillow system that helps prevent and stop snoring. This grew to include other products under her company, First Impressions Productions, LLC. This company develops products and helps others develop products and bring them to market.
The Pillow Source is a website that offers unique pillows including the MinEzzz travel pillow, the Wrinkle Free Silk Pillow and Essential Oil Eye Pillows. Her more targeted sites are SnoreEzzz and Official SnoreEzzz.
Christine received her bachelors degree from Fairfield University and her Masters in Business Administration from the University of Connecticut.

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