Friday, September 30, 2011

Sell Your Music Beats for Money

Sell Your Music Beats for Money Some of the best songs are created as a sweet combination of different beats. Beats are made and sold online for this reason. A lot of song makers and artists are now looking for some beats that they can purchase. Their goal is to enhance their songs and they can only do that with good beats. Because of this, there is some decent money to be made in this industry. If you have a computer and an internet connection, then you may be on your way to beat selling greatness.

Learning to create your own beats is really easy and selling it is not difficult if you know how to promote your instrumentals. Fortunately, this article will clue you in on how you can sell your beats for money. Here are some steps that can help you jump start your beat selling career.
Know How To Create Beats First
Of course, before you can sell beats, you first need to know how to create some beats. Creating some beats may need some time. First, you need to decide on a beat making software. There are a lot of programs on the market. You need to go through its different features and see if you can work with it. Once you get a feel on how your software works, then you can start making your first beat. Be sure to ask for feedback from beat fans so you know that your beats will sell.
Promoting To The Right Audience
Once you have some good beats, you can start promoting them. As a beginner, I suggest creating an account in MySpace and sound click. MySpace is a website that is loaded with artists and rappers. This is an instant market that you can tap into. While you can also promote your beats in websites like Twitter and Facebook, it is still better to promote them on MySpace for the market is more targeted. Soundclick is the same. You can create an account here and put your beats up for sale. You can set your profile to paid and make money from it right away. Also, if you are smart, you will create your own website and promote it on the search engines.
Expanding Your Territories
And once you have sold a few beats, it is time to expand your territory by breaking into new ground. This means that you will look for a new market you can tap and I am talking about the high paying market.
You can get paid higher for your beats if you do custom made beats for your clients. You can contact artists directly and ask them about what type of beats they are looking for. You can also look for opportunities for commercials or films. These deals pay higher than getting a mere $20 for your beats.
So if you want to make a living selling beats online, you have a great chance in succeeding. As long as you take the time to learn the craft and do your promotion to the right market, then you can expect to make a decent income out of this business.
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