Thursday, September 29, 2011

Five Simple Growing Tomato Plant

 Five Simple Growing Tomato Plant Tomatoes are the variety of plants that are quite easy to grow. However, if you are still a novice when it comes to growing tomatoes then you might start off a bit rocky especially if it comes to varieties and certain choices that affect growing tomato plants. So to give you a good start at growing tomato plants, here are all you need to know about growing tomatoes.

There are five quick tips you need to know to give you a head start and keep the plants growing greatly. The first point is to choose your tomato variety. Basically, tomato varieties are grouped into two namely: Determinate and Indeterminate. Beginners should start off choosing the determinate types of tomatoes since these tomato plants require only little room. They also don't need staking and pruning unlike some indeterminate variety of tomatoes. Most Hybrid types of tomatoes are actually determinates. Simply ask from determinate types of tomatoes at your nearest nursery.
Second tip: begin with a hybrid. Like I have mentioned above, most determinates are hybrids. Hybrid varieties are known to have been bred with definite traits, one of which is being resistant to known plant diseases. Tomato varieties of the traditional pure strains taste better than hybrids but these require a more experienced gardener. Do not fret because there are hybrid varieties that are widely available that are more than acceptable to the taste buds plus these don't require complicated growing tips and pointers.
Third tip to growing tomato plants is to begin with seedlings. Beginner gardeners like you can do so much without the complexities of growing tomatoes from seeds. Get the hybrid determinate tomato seedlings from the nearest nursery. It is also best to ask their advice since you are a beginner. This will make things easier for you especially if unwarranted circumstances and complications may arise when it comes to growing tomato plants in your own garden. Choose the seedlings that are solid looking and squat.
Fourth is to begin in a container. Seedlings should be placed in a pot or even in an upside down planter. Doing so will control location and soil requirements easier since good location and soil are the major points to assert when it comes to growing tomato plants. Do however make sure you use a big pot that is enough to hold the tomato roots since these can grow quite long. You do not want to cramp the tomato roots.
Last pointer in growing tomato plants is to start off with fertilizers. If you're a beginner I suggest you should stick with tried and tested fertilizers. If you've already mastered soil requirements, tomato plant nutrition and watering then that would be the time when you should try organic fertilizers.
There you have it, the five quick tips a beginner should know when it comes to growing their own tomatoes. Remember that it takes patience and hard work to get that perfect batch of tomatoes

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