Saturday, October 1, 2011

Smokeless Cigarettes Health Benefits

Smokeless Cigarettes Health Benefits Smokeless cigarettes are not actual cigarettes but an electronic gadget that simulates the act and flavor of traditional cigarettes minus the major health risks. Smokeless or electronic cigarettes, as what they are commonly known, are popular and widely available in the market today because they are one of the best smoking cessation techniques proven to be effective and safe.
Also, electronic cigarettes do not contain tobacco making them a healthy alternative to traditional cigarettes.
There are several reasons why a smokeless cigarette is preferred by people who want to quit smoking or at least minimize their cigarette consumption. One of these reasons is the components or the technology behind smokeless cigarettes. It contains water solution, propylene glycol, nicotine and that rich tobacco flavor. When the electronic cigarette is turned on, the mentioned substances are heated thereby creating a vapor which is then inhaled by the smoker. The act of smoking a cigarette and having the same sensation is what makes this product popular among smokers especially those who are geared toward quitting the habit due to health problems.
Another important health benefit of fake or electronic cigarettes is that they only contain a small amount of nicotine and they do not contain carcinogenic substances like tar and other harmful chemicals. A lot of people are already conscious of the damages brought by regular a cigarette that is why smokeless cigarettes have become a popular option. Since it is smokeless and only emit water-based vapor, this type of cigarette can also be smoked in places where traditional cigarettes are normally banned such as public areas, inside airplanes or public utility vehicles. And because of this, secondhand smoking is reduced making it safe for fake cigarette smokers to take their nicotine fix even when they are with kids or with people who are sensitive to cigarette smoke.
Smoking fake cigarettes do not mean you would no longer enjoy smoking cigarettes. The fact of the matter is, it comes with different refillable flavors giving your system an impression that you are still smoking traditional cigarettes thus your cravings for nicotine is lessened. Also, smokeless cigarettes come in different nicotine levels that can better aid you if you intend to quit smoking. You can get a fake cigarette with the highest nicotine content then shift to those that contain less and less amount of nicotine until you finally kick the habit. Gradual cessation through fake cigarettes also eliminate withdrawal syndrome which is associated with people who suddenly stops smoking.
Aside from health benefits, smokeless cigarettes can also be beneficial to the pockets. A pack of traditional cigarettes costs $5 or more and if you consume two packs a day, that would be $10 the least. On the other hand, the cartridge of electronic cigarettes only ranges from $2 to $4 and each cartridge is equivalent to one and a half pack of cigarettes making you save a lot of money on your cigarette expenses plus you get to preserve your health and the welfare of the people around you.


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