Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Banana Coffee Smoothie

Banana Coffee Smoothie  There are actually a lot of soy milk recipes to choose from. It all depends on your style and mood. You can choose whether or not you want to prepare something that is just a swift or you can choose another delicate dish that needs styling, patience and that oriental feeling.

My Banana Coffee Smoothie
I am very fond of drinking coffee. As we all know, it is an antioxidant, therefore it's good for the body. Every time I get to taste the bitter-sweet elixir, everything becomes a blessing. So what I am going to present is one of my favorite recipes. It's actually made of soy milk and it tastes better and not to forget healthier, compared to a regular cow's milk. The ingredients are as follows: First, we need to make our soy milk. We have to soak our beans overnight to soften it and put it out in the morning. When it is fully soaked, we can now wash it and scoop the beans into the canister. Add water up to the line indicated in the machine. Next thing is to replace the lid and secure the locks. Plug the machine and push the start button. Then we wait for the machine to grind and press the milk out of the beans.
When the soy milk is ready, let it cool. The next step is to prepare the other ingredients. We need two small frozen bananas, 1 and ½ cup of fresh soy milk, 1 container of low-fat coffee yogurt, approximately 8 oz., ¼ teaspoon of ground cinnamon and a dash nutmeg.
Combine the ingredients into a blender. The bananas need to be frozen so that the smoothie will be cold. Turn the blender on and wait for the mixture to purify. If the mixture is already smooth, that's the time to turn the blender off. Pour the mixture into glasses, this recipe can make two, and garnish it with fresh slices of banana and mint depending on your taste. I don't add sugar anymore. If you want to make it sweeter you may do so.
I hope you find my soy milk recipe with banana coffee smoothie enticing. For those coffee lovers out there, I suggest you try it. It is low fat so it can not destroy your diet, plus you get to enjoy your beloved elixir in a different level. It's a nice treat especially during the summer when the heat is overwhelming, or you can also serve it to your friends during a gathering. I'm pretty sure they will love the taste, not knowing that it's actually made from soy milk. You can even ask those people with lactose intolerance to try it. I'm pretty sure they will not get an upset stomach because as we all know soy milk has 0.0 lactose content. The children will also love it but you can use chocolate instead of coffee or try to experiment on other ingredients, they will surely enjoy making it.

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