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Concerns Regarding Cost of Donor Eggs

Concerns Regarding Cost of Donor Eggs The cost of donor eggs has been a major issue amongst people donating and couples wanting to have a baby. The country’s price for a donor egg was previously $4,000 but today there are fertility centers that agree to pay as much as $15,000 for a donor egg. However, there are still many donor egg agencies that refuse to release their figures. The price of a donor egg actually varies from one clinic to another and from state to state. It is advisable that couples do research to get information for the various clinics in their area.

Unfortunately, this black market practice of buying out women to provide donor eggs at low compensation rates has been going on for some time. This unfair practice has even reached colleges and different universities where female university students are encouraged to donate their egg cells in order for them to earn money. Many more women are discouraged to take part in commercialized egg donation.
The cost of donor eggs will likely depend on the prospective parents. There are couples who seek someone who has an intelligent line of ancestors and then they will choose her eggs in the hopes of having a child of above average intelligence.
People who have been married and are striving to have a child only to discover that they are barren, realized that this is a very depressing experience. When couples encounter this dilemma they will not consider the cost of donor eggs. In their minds, they just want to have a baby and more often than not, they overlook the importance of getting a quality donor egg.
Why is it important to know the price of the donor eggs?
Women who are fertile tend not to understand fully those women who cannot bear a child. Adding to the problem, are the fertility clinics and certain hospitals that take advantage of the predicament of couples; they then charge them a hefty cost for donor eggs. The sellers of the eggs regard the eggs’ price to be cheaper than what a couple pays for when a woman delivers her baby.
As far as the purchasing of the donor eggs go, the intended parents will have difficulty with being able to find a suitable egg donor who will live up to their expectations. There is also this issue that in vitro fertilization clinics overlooked wherein the woman donating the eggs should not be paid again when the eggs she gave produced good results. The moment she donated the eggs and the clinic paid her the money for donating her eggs, is well enough.
The Actual cost of donor eggs.
The payment for the purchase of the frozen donor eggs includes the travel reimbursements and the medical bill of the donor. The bill starts from the series of examinations all the way to the fertility procedure itself. The sum also takes care of the legal charges between the two prospective parents and the donor- sometimes there are other agency fees that the couple are obliged to pay. This implies that after the transaction, the total cost of donor eggs will be approximately $12,000 and in some instances it can even amount to $15,000 depending on the circumstances. The donor is fortunate if she is given the sum of $5,000, for usually the payment is even lower than the said compensation.
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