Saturday, October 1, 2011

Barcelona Attractions

Barcelona Attractions Did you know that Barcelona ranks amongst the top three tourist destinations worldwide? Now you do. Moreover, Barcelona is the capital Metropolis of Spain and has so much to offer in its peculiar attractions.
The La Sagrada Familia is the tourist attraction in Barcelona that has recorded the highest number of visitors which adds up to two million yearly. It is known as one of the best architectural masterpieces by Gaudi, a famous architect during his time but whose works are still alive and well for all to marvel.

The Bari Gotic Area better known amongst travellers as the Gothic Quarter is to be found in Barcelona’s old town. To right of the Gothic Quarter is the Las Ramba which has branded its identity in tall ancient housing structures and paved streets. It is the birthplace of Joan Miro, a resident celebrated artist.
Calle Feran is a street in Barcelona whose economic value should not be underestimated. A shopper’s paradise, the street brings forward an array of exquisite clothing to choose from among many other trading commodities. The street is also refined with a superb choice restaurants and bars which serve cuisine and superior quality wine peculiar to Spain.
Placa de Catalyuna is a symbolic plaza in Barcelona often looked upon as the core of this magnificent city. It is a favourite spot for worshipers of ancient architecture as they are able to see all buildings in close vicinity to the city and contemplate the architectural and artful prowess endowed to ancient designers.
The Barcelona Cathedral – a massive architectural gothic structure sited on the gothic quarter is no doubt the Barcelona Cathedral. On the front length of the grand cathedral are a number of excellent shopping stores, bars and restaurants where you will be entertained by scores of street performers common around this place.
The Casa Batllo is another architectural masterpiece by Gaudi, a renowned Spanish aristocrat. Most of the facility is rented out to interested investors but remarkable is the fact that it hosts a museum which is well worth paying a visit.
The Port Olympic, as the name insinuates is the stadium reconstructed to host the 1992 Olympic games. It has since been bettered and now has an elegant marina completed with a range of Bars and restaurants. It is boarded by beaches on either side for which State of the art yachts and boats are used for transport.
The Barceloneta Beach is the nearest to city centre, a fantastic fifteen minutes stroll as of Ramba. This is a place a seafood lover ought to visit. Here you are served the best of the seafood inspired Spanish Cuisine whose recipes are collected from all over Spain.
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