Saturday, October 1, 2011

Cheap Airfare

Cheap Airfare There are many kinds of cheap airfare available today if you know where to look. Many airlines and tour operators offer all types of cheap airfare during and outside seasons for all occasions.
Different types of travelers
Different travelers have different needs and preferences when it comes to travelling.
Cheap airfare can help them save cost which can be used in other areas of their travel such as accommodation, taxes and souvenirs. Young travelers can travel cheaply at half price if they are younger than 12 years old. Even babies below 2 years of age can travel free as they do not need a seat of their own.
Students can also enjoy cheap airfare in the form of student discounts when they display their student cards. Senior citizens may also enjoy discounted prices from various airlines; the same goes for the physically handicapped. Everyone can enjoy cheap airfare deals depending on their condition.
Different types of travel offers
Cheap airfare can come in many ways. You can enjoy cheap airfare from discounts offered by the airlines or tour operators. It could be an anniversary promotion by an airline or a special offer by a tour operator who wants to fill up that consignment of seats on a particular air flight.
It can be a discount coupon on a flyer for consumers to take advantage of cheap airfare. Some nations collaborate with the air travel industry and offer cheap airfare for the national tourism promotion campaign to draw in tourists to the nation. This can boost the nation’s GDP with many interesting local programs planned to attract foreign visitors.
Cheap airfare is possible when you travel in groups where you can enjoy group discounts. You can negotiate for lower fares when you travel in more than 2 person groups. You can also consider total travel package which includes airfare, hotel stay, taxes, sights, city tours and other ground arrangements. This type of travel package gives you great savings and lowers your flight fare than to purchase the various holiday components separately.
Different times of travel
Cheap airfare is usually possible when the travel time is outside the peak season. When less people are travelling, the airlines experience less business. Hence, they usually offer cheap airfare during these less crowded seasons to fill up their aircrafts. Discounts and promotions are frequent during off peak seasons.
But some off peak seasons can be peak seasons in other parts of the world. Hence, you may be able to enjoy cheap airfare if you plan your itinerary carefully to enjoy the best of both worlds.
Some airlines offer cheap airfare as a promotion to their new crafts, new routes or new destinations. These ‘maiden’ flights are usually cheaper than normal to encourage more travelers to these new facilities or destinations.
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  1. Many companies are offering cheap flights now people are happy to travel in airlines locally as well.